Affiliated projects

Religion and Climate Change in the Netherlands (2023-2026)

Climate change is a pressing issue affecting our world today, and it is crucial to understand the cultural and religious values that underlie discussions on the topic.

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CommUnity Project (2020-2022)

The CommUnity project aims to prevent the radicalisation of the youth by enhancing community engagement and  strengthening social cohesion. The project’s approach is based on multicultural and multi-faith dialogue, trust building,  cultural and artistic expression. Throughout the project, a particular attention is given to involve Muslim communities.

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Introducing Miras project (2019- 2022)

MIRAS is an initiative by IDEIS (Identity Development and Empowerment in Interfaith Spaces) aimed at bridging gaps between different communities in society. The project focuses on mitigating radicalization among youth through self-empowerment.

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